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Home Intermec Intermec Easycoder Printer 7421

Intermec Easycoder Printer 7421


Brand: Intermec Model 7421

Condition: USED - consumables like ribbons/labels not included.

Price SGD$ 300.00 only

Warranty for Printers: 14 business days limited warranty.



01 x Printer w/ power supply (240VAC)
01 x parrallel printer cable
01 x cd-rom with software and drivers downloaded from Intermec.

- labels and ribbon NOT included.

*The provided software and drivers are NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALE but for convenience and service to the buyer. These are all freely downloadable online - we provide them only with equipment sold and on-behalf of final buyer/owner.


Tested working with free label-software from Intermec.

Please email us with your enquiries.


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