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Denso BHT 8100


Model : OEM BHT 8148 angled reading beam model (8MB Flash, 512K RAM)

Affordable pricing : USED Price - USD$150.00 only !!!

Product : BHT8148OEM | Denso BHT 8148 | Price/Unit : USD 150.00

New-In-Box price : USD$250.00 only !!!

Product : BHT8148NOS | OEM BHT8148 NOS | Price/Unit : USD 250.00

Condition: Used, in execelent physical condition.

Functionality Tested 100% working condition. 

Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

(special price - with purchase of equipment only - * subject to one cable per unit bought)

Product : BHTSERCBL | BHT serial cable | Price/Unit : USD 25.00
BHT serial cable 

*The serial cable being sold is compatible with all BHT6000,8000,300,600 series (except the cable is not compatible with BHT7000 and BHT7500 - the head does not fit the BHT7xxx series)

 *We have the cables for sale (only for bulk purchase, or purchase with units) - contact us for enquiry.

Functionality: (Keys, scanners will be 100% tested)

Denso BHT8100 angled reading beam. Popular with Retail/Logistics. - email us if you require big quantities.

*All prices quoted are for export - exclude VAT/GST/taxes and Customs Duties.

Please allow additional 3-5 business days' leadtime for preparation for shipment.

Payment - Paypal or International Bank Transfer ( SWIFT / TT )

We will ship only after clearance of payment. Tracking number and link will be provided.

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

** All equipment sold are used/refurbished in good tested working condition unless otherwise stated.

[Brief Description]

The BHT-8000 Series was built from the BHT-7000 Series platform, only smaller and faster! This powerful data collector is pocket sized and has some of the most sophisticated barcode reading capabilities on the market. DENSO’s Advanced Scanning Technology® can read barcodes from up to 15” and can even decode damaged and dirty labels.


  • Stable Operating System

  • The Minnow uses the same reliable technology required for control systems like ABS and airbag deployment in the automotive industry. The BHT-BASIC (BHT BASIC ver 3.6) programming environment ensures simple programmability, stable operation and long battery life.

  • Linear Imager

  • Advanced Scanning Technology® makes barcode reading fast and reliable. No moving parts in the scan engine means no mechanical failures and long life. Also, critical data checking techniques make our barcode scanners the most accurate readers in the world.

  • Vibration

  • Scan confirmations in rugged environments have always been difficult to see and hear. All DENSO handheld computers are equipped with DENSO's own programmable vibration indicator to alert the operator.

  • Palm Sized

  • This pocket sized unit is portable, easy to use, and only 5.7 oz. Operability is excellent, with large magic keys and trigger switches on both sides.

  • Alkaline or NiMH Battery

  • The Minnow is currently the only handheld on the market of its size that can use standard store bought AAA alkaline batteries. Because it uses a power efficient 32-bit RISC processor, the typical operation time is 100 hours! NiMH rechargeable batteries are available.



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