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Zebra Technologies has bought over Symbol which is the world leading barcode equipment manufacturer.

Zebra LS2208

Zebra LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

The affordable LS2208 handheld bar code scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The wide working range —from near-contact to 17 inches — makes this device ideal for retail, hospital, education or government settings. Multiple on-board interfaces ensure integration with a variety of host systems

Price: Starts From S$250.00  S$180.00

Delivery charges will apply for door delivery. 

Free postal shipping - Prepayment by Bank Transfer or PayLah.


Zebra DS6708

Zebra DS6708 General Purpose Handheld Bar Code Imager Scanner

The DS6708 combines all the features of Motorola’s standard DS6708 imager, such as omni-directional 1D/2D bar code scanning, with embedded and server-based parsing agents that enable users to read the PDF-417 bar code on a US driver’s license and use that information for a multitude of applications. Because the parsing is done in the scanner and the output is controlled by the user, the scanner can easily be used in all environments with very little start-up effort.

Price: Starts From S$579.00 (NO GST)


Zebra DS 9208 OmniDirectional Hands Free Presentation Imager

Zebra DS9208 OmniDirectional Hands Free Presentation Imager

Scan virtually any barcode on any medium, including electronic barcodes

The Motorola DS 9208 hands-free omnidirectional scanner can capture not only barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, retailers can accommodate customers who download mobile coupons, mobile loyalty cards and more. You get industry leading scanning speed on every barcode, true point-and-shoot first-time scanning simplicity on even damaged and poorly printed barcodes and a durable design for all day everyday reliability, all at an affordable price. The DS 9208 is built to last, and toughness tests prove it. The DS 9208 delivers outstanding performance, even after exposure to heat, cold, dust, a spilled beverage and 2,000 consecutive drops.

Price: Starts From S$450.00 (Nett, No GST) S$350.00 *
- One Years Local Warranty


Zebra LS4208

Zebra LS4208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner

The Symbol LS4208 handheld laser scanner delivers exceptional performance in an accesible, intuitive package. Its single-circuit board design ensures sturdiness and an ergonomic shape maximizes user comfort. Continuous one-pass scanning, an innovative multi-line rastering scan pattern, a wide working range and superior motion tolerance make data capture easy, even for novices.

This scanner comes in two models: the LS4208-SR, which handles all 1D bar codes, and the LS4208-PR, which can also capture PDF417, microPDF and composite symbologies.

Price: Starts From S$438.00 (NO GST) S$400.00


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