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Home Symbol Motorola Symbol LS9100 Omni-Directional Scanner

Symbol LS9100 Omni-Directional Scanner

Symbol LS9100 Omni-Directional Scanner w/ stand and PS/2 wedge


(* Kindly note - connector is legacy PS/2)

Self-collect at Tuas warehouse.

Accessories (optional) PS/2 to USB convertor - add S$10.00 USED

Limited quantity - Whilst stock last.

email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Limited Warranty 30 Days (one to one exchange - return to base)


We can provide Extended warranty on parts for this quality product at only additional S$40.00 from 30 days to one full year.


LS9100 Omni-Directional Scanner

A Hands Down Winner

Hands-free operation combined with a large scan pattern make the LS 9100 extremely user-friendly. A quick pass and this omni-directional scanner reads bar codes on the first try–even truncated or poorly printed symbols.

The LS 9100 provides variable mounting options for unmatched POS adaptability. This means you can easily customize the scanner to meet your store's specific configuration requirements. Plus the LS 9100 quickly converts to a hand-held scanner for those bulky items that are hard to bring to a fixed scanner. Users find the LS 9100 comfortable, easy to use and highly accurate–all of which adds up to speedy checkouts and increased customer satisfaction.

Technically…A Superior Scanning Solution

The LS 9100 has several impressive features–including the EAS checkpoint deactivation option that saves precious POS space by co-locating the deactivation antenna with the LS 9100. Its flash memory is electronically erasable so future software upgrades can be easily downloaded on site with a standard personal computer. In addition, the optional power cable saves plenty of space and frees up electrical outlets by using your host computer as the power source (including Siemens–Nixdorf, Beetle Register, IBM 486X and 469X, among others). This eliminates the need for a separate power supply.

A Perfect Fit for Many Retail Applications

The LS 9100 fits right into many different retail operations–convenience stores, drugstores, specialty softgoods and hardgoods stores, even in major department stores. In fact, any store that needs fast, accurate checkout and improved customer service will benefit from the LS 9100’s efficient and flexible hands-free scanning. In addition, this scanner is equally at home in many receiving areas or offices that need high-performance scanning in a compact, reliable device.



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