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CPT 8370 RF 802.11b WiFi series

CPT8370 RF Kit (includes scanner, USB cable, rechargebale battery, charger)

NEW Price from S$1,280.00;

*All NEW Products comes with manufacturer's 1 year warranty

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Free Demo available! - Email us with your data collection requirements - a free demo can be arranged if we can meet your requirement with this versatile unit.


 Accelerate your work and boost productivity using the handy, rugged wireless 8370 with RFID option. Acquire data using both optical scanning and RFID with instant access to your servers through your wireless LAN network. The 8370 is ergonomically designed and built tough for hours of comfortable and safe use in the harshest environments, so you get more done in less time for less money. The 8370 puts versatile, powerful AIDC computing in your hands.

IEEE 802.11b (WiFi), 350-meter coverage, 40 hours

  • Energy-efficient design for up to 40 hours
  • Choice of linear imager, laser, or long-range laser reader
  • Supports terminal emulation to extend the power of your information system
  • Programmable vibrator / beeper to notify data capture
  • User-friendly interface and large, easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
  • Expandable memory up to 10 MB and supports a variety of C and BASIC programming
  • Survives multiple 1.2 m drops onto concrete


Part numberProduct DescriptionPrice
CPT8370-2CKitincludes CPT8370 (802.11b radio) , CCD scanner , 24 keys, USB cable, charger + rechargeable battery
CPT8370-3CKitincludes CPT8370 (802.11b radio) , CCD scanner , 39 keys, USB cable, charger + rechargeable batterySGD$1,320.00
CPT8370-2LKitincludes CPT8370 (802.11b radio), Laser scanner , 24 keys, USB cable, charger + rechargeable battery- SGD$1,500.00
CPT8370-3LKitincludes CPT8370 (802.11b radio), Laser scanner , 39 keys, USB cable, charger + rechargeable batterySGD$1,540.00


* Purchase of new Equipment includes Free local delivery and one year full warranty.

Lead Time for NEW equipment 6-8 weeks. Non-holding stock-item: has to be indented from overseas.

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Development Tools
Part numberProduct DescriptionPrice
BLAZECOMP-CBlaze C Compiler

- ASK -

- ASK -



includes USB dongle + cd-rom 

- ASK -


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