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Intermec Maxiscan 2220

Intermec Maxiscan 2220 w/ PS/2 wedge

Handsfree Desk Omnidirectional Laser Scanner


SGD $100.00 only.

Free local postal delivery.
Used - good working condition. (may have some scratches/buffings - does not affect functionality)
30 days limited warranty.

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Whilst stock last.

MaxiScan 2220

Maxiscan 2220 is a high performance and cost-efficient solution for omni-directional pass through scanning. Its design and performance enables fast hands-free scanning on a counter or desk.

Despite its compact dimensions (9.5 x 14.2 x 9.0cm/3.7 x 5.6 x 3.5”), the M2220 benefits from a full 20 line scan pattern, 20cm depth of field and 20cm 2 scan zone for easy and ergonomic scanning.

Slots on both sides allow it to be easily picked up for occasional hand-scanner use. The head rotates through +/- 15° to adjust the scan area to the application.The rubber base allows secure standing. To further ‘tune’ the scanner, the depth of field can be adjusted to fit the working area and avoid accidental reads.

The M2220 has unique built-in reliability.The scanner window is replaceable in the field to avoid having to return scanners simply because of scratched windows. A two-step sleep mode provides a separate laser and motor timeout for power/ life saving and instant wake-up.

A universal interface system allows connection to many hundreds of PC’s, cash registers or other terminals simply by changing the cable and software setup. In common with most Intermec scanners, the M2220 is supplied with EasySet set up software for the fastest on-line or off-line configuration.



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