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TSC TTP-245 Plus



TSC TTP245 Plus has been replaced by the TTP247 which is exactly the same in all respect except increase printing speed at 7ips instead of 5ips for TTP245

TSC TTP247 - SGD$750.00 ; ONE YEAR LOCAL WARRANTY - email us for enquiry.

TSC is proud to introduce a “Plus” version of its best-selling line of printers, the TTP-245 Plus series.

With enhanced electronics, TSC TTP-245 Plus series offers standard memory of 2 MB FLASH, 8 MB SDRAM and a slot for SD card that users can inexpensively expand FLASH storage up to 4 GB.

The printer is equipped with a 32 bit microprocessor for fast label processing and throughput, at print speed up to 5 ips with 203 dpi resolution and 3 ips with 300 dpi version.


Maximum Print Area
  • TTP-245 Plus/ TTP-247
    • Width: 108 mm (4.25")
    • Length: 2,286 mm (90")
  • TTP-343 Plus
    • Width: 104 mm (4.09")
    • Length: 1,016 mm (40")
  • 2 MB FLASH memory
  • 8 MB DRAM memory
  • SD card slot for memory expansion
  • TTP-245 Plus / TTP-257
    • 203 dpi (8 dots/mm)
  • TTP-343 Plus
    • 300 dpi (12 dots/mm)
  • Length: 314 mm (12.36")
  • Width: 213 mm (8.39")
  • Height: 188 mm (7.40")
Print Speeds
  • TTP-245 Plus
    • 50.8 mm, 76 mm, 102 mm, 127 mm per second (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 ips)
  • TTP-343 Plus
    • 50.8 mm, 76 mm per second (2.0, 3.0 ips)
  • TTP-247
    • 50.8 mm, 76 mm, 102 mm, 127 mm per second (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 ips, 7.0 ips)

TTP-245 Plus series features serial, parallel and USB 2.0 communication ports standard, and offers an on-board, lesser-cost internal Ethernet LAN interface option for network installation.

The user friendly clamshell design with double-walled construction makes TTP-245 Plus series easy-to use and the strongest thermal transfer mechanism in the industry.

Its innovative Dual-Motor gear driven design provides enough horsepower to handle 300 meter long ribbons and up to 8.4” OD rolls of labels.

Two motors instead of one generate lower torque, more durability and quiet operation. The ribbon capacity of 300 meter is more than three times longer than industry standard for desktop printers.


TSC now ships TSPL-EZTM firmware in TTP-245 Plus series.

TSPL-EZTM offers unparalleled ease of use by supporting three different printer languages out of the box including TSC printer language,

TPLE(Translation Printer Language Eltron®) and

TPLZ(Translation Printer Language Zebra®).

TSPL-EZTM also features internal scalable True Type fonts using the Monotype® font engine and offers powerful programming tools for integration into many applications.

All TSPL-EZTM printers are supported by Windows drivers developed by Seagull Scientific.



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