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Home Zebra Printers Thermal Ribbons for TLP printers

Thermal Ribbons for TLP printers

Thermal Ribbons for TLP Printers (compatible)

We have the following grades of Compatible Thermal Ribbons for the TLP-2844 Printers:

These are our Bulk Prices:

 Unit Cost - MOQ


very little smudge resistance, and is suitable for matte and uncoated paper labels.

- not suitable for glossy/synthetic surfaces.

 $9.90@   - 20 rolls
Wax/Resinsome smudge resistant, suitable for semi-gloss paper and some synthetic labels   $12.90@ - 20 rolls

some scratch and chemical resistant, suitable for coated/matte synthetic labels

- Not recommended for paper-type material.

 $15.90@ - 20 rolls

Above ribbons are 110mm x 70M.

Lead time - 3-5 business days.

Free delivery if Minmum Order Quantity (MOQ) is met,

Loose Prices: ( Email us if you want a smaller quantity 10 and above but below MOQ)

Add $5.00 per roll and Delivery charges apply - West $10.00 ¦ North-Central $20.00 ¦ NorthEast/East$30.00

* All items subject to availability ! Lead time 03-05 business days.


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