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Home TSC Printer Thermal Ribbons for TSC Printers

Thermal Ribbons for TSC Printers

Thermal Ribbons for TSC Printers:

We have the following grades of Thermal Ribbons for the TSC Printers:

 Unit Cost - MOQ


very little smudge resistance, and is suitable for matte and uncoated paper labels.

- not suitable for glossy/synthetic surfaces.

 $22.00@ - 10 rolls
Wax/Resinsome smudge resistant, suitable for semi-gloss paper and some synthetic labels   $32.00@ - 10 rolls

some scratch and chemical resistant, suitable for coated/matte synthetic labels

- Not recommended for paper-type material.

 $42.00@ - 05 rolls

Above ribbons are 110mm x 300M.

Lead time - 3-5 business days.

Free delivery if minmum quantity order is met,

otherwise add $5.00 per roll and Delivery charges apply - West $10.00 ¦ North-Central $20.00 ¦ NorthEast/East$30.00




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